About Us

We are a one stop online hair/beauty/welbeing virtual market place exclusively for the sale and purchase of hair, beauty and healthy living products from different retailers and manufacturers of these products all around Nigeria and its environs.

This website is equipped with multi seller functionality allowing prospective sellers to simply be a click away from opening a store account with us and uploading products for sale. Giving them the ability to reach their target market at all times without the hassle of investing in and running their own e-commerce websites.

As a buyer; the benefits are TREMENDOUS!!

**You get the chance to have a vast range of products up for grabs; your favorite as well as new exciting brands all converged in one space on the web.

**You also enjoy the convenience of sitting behind a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity at any time and place shopping and paying for hair/beauty products!

**Receiving your products is also at your convenience as you will receive the product through a delivery option of your choice, thereby saving you time, energy and even money because getting around in a car or other transport means, costs money!

**Our focus on exclusively hair/beauty products means that our selection of sellers is second to none as all the top range retailers, distributors and manufacturers of these products all converge here!

 **Our exclusive focus on beauty/ hair products also means you are less likely to run into problems with the product not fitting(like with clothes and shoes) basically what you see it what you get!!

 **Because we are a one stop hub for a wide range of products, subscribers to our newsletter get first hand information about new hair/beauty products, discounts, sales and regular tips and tricks on how to use and take full advantage of these products.

As a seller hosting on the Savvy & Chic Hair/Beauty Hub means;



**Access to a page on this website www.hairbeautyhub.com that acts as the store owner’s store front. The page will display the shop’s profile telling customers what they are all about, products up for sale and their prices, payment processing, delivery options, contact information and return policy.

**Store Owners get brand visibility and promotion at a discounted price through our various advertising outlets; the scroll board on the home page and other strategic advertising spots on the website and our quarterly publication- The Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub-The Magazine.

**Store Owners automatically have 1 year FREE* subscription of the The Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub-The Magazine publication which is an excellent resource they can use to market their business to customers. They also have FREE access to the magazine coupon page, a page where they can periodically publish coupons and discounts for their products and services as a way to attract readers to their business.




There's never a time when being SAVVY AND CHIC was this necessary...join the hub TODAY and BE SAVVY & CHIC!!!

FOR ENQUIRIES; Please Contact US;

info@hairbeautyhub.com or call 08090613325.